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Cork is Cool!

How cool is this...

Did you know that cork is used in the aerospace industry?

Cork has unique mechanical, physical and chemical properties which make it an ideal solution for the aerospace industry .
Due to its molecular structure, cork is a great solution for vibration control,shock absorption and thermal insulation. It is a natural fire retardant,impermeable to liquids and gases.
The rocket component that requires the thickest layer of cork is the tip of the cone. It has the thickest layer of cork because it gets the hottest, as it punches a hole through the sky.

Check out our space designs:

Galaxy cork design cool corks

rocket ship design cool corks cork boards

blue galaxy space design cork board cool corks

We are constantly creating new designs for our website that are out of this world. Let us know if you have something in mind you would like us to create for you!

Happy New Year!

Sally and Lisa


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